Monday, May 30, 2011

Volsted Lounge - Swanky!

Well we just love the Volsted Lounge, which smells like a thrift store and looks like a well-worn bordello. Great swanky-trashy ambiance, and for whatever amazing luck, it isn't too crowded yet. Which is really good for the bathrooms, as the ladies' room only has one stall on a teeny platform with this cool phone-booth-esque door right off the bar. Basically, if like ten more people find out about this place, the bathroom will almost always be in use, so shut up already.

The Brixton! Yaaaay

The Brixton is a small, dank dive bar, which we pretty much love and if you don't get it, don't go. It's really too small to visit if you aren't planning to have an awesome time the second you walk in the door, so spare everyone the 'tude. We make best friends every time we go here - they're pictured. Oh, and look! Functional bathrooms with obscene graffiti! Beer, whiskey, people, fun, and working facilities that also entertain. With a Poo Blog shoutout on the cash register! We're good.

No hot stingers here! Viva Yellow Jacket

We were pretty fond of the Yellow Jacket, a newish hipster bar on Austin's East Side with a full coffee menu, taps of luscious beers, booze, a swell staff and authentic Frito pie. And wow, what great rest rooms! We only popped into the women's room but man is it neat in there. All the wood from the place was sourced from older buildings, and the bathroom is trimmed in sturdy twigs. A stone wolf lurks in the larger stall, but serves as a protector, not a threat. A black-and-white photo of a rugged, American football player is nestled into the branches framing the mirror, to further pump one up.
My only complaint would be that the stall without the wolf statue is a bit narrow. This poo blog contributor is 5"10 and a size 14 (real talk!) and turning completely sideways was the only way to fit through the door. Anyone larger will have to use the roomier stall.
Because the beer served here works so well, this blogger accidentally left her phone in the loo. But someone returned it to the bar and the phone was returned! We love cool new bars with excellent. functional bathrooms decorated with re-purposed wood. Yay, Yellow Jacket!