Thursday, December 4, 2008

MY MOM'S TOILET!!!! (Lago Vista)

So I took a quick shot of my Mom's bathroom on Turkey Day. I gotta say it's a nice bathroom. A little small but they keep it stocked with Baby Wipes and Febreze. And yes I did drop off the kids in there.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Fun Fun Fart Fest @ Waterloo Park. The Porti Potties were actually very clean at the start of the fest. Once it got dark toilets were overflowing and dudes (and even chics) were peeing in the grass. Enjoy the pics. - Matt

Deep Eddy Cabaret

God this place is a little drop of heaven. A lovely, old-school joint
with $2 beers, and refreshing proximity to Deep Eddy Pool. Rock and
roll and soul is on the jukebox. Be cool. And the terlets are a dream.
My fave detail is the coin slot on the door - remember coin-operated
toilets? No? Get out of here. - Butter

Blue Dahila

This middle easter restaurant is so nice. Great hummus plate, amazing deserts, good wine selection, and the waitress even took something off our bill. And check out the bathroom! I love the little pebbles in the sink. It's like washing your hands in a rock garden! - Butter

The Good Knight

this great new restaur-bar on W. 6th St has killer meatloaf, elegant
deserts, Hendricks' Gin, and the elegance to pour their mixers from
bottles rather than a soda gun. And what a lovely ladies' room. The
streaky blue-ness of it doesn't really show up as much if you aren't
operating a flash, we love the paint job. - Butter

Giddy Ups

Giddy Ups is a rad honky tonk way out in southwest Austin - almost
near Manchaca - with live music, pool, shuffle board, and a nice big
soccer field out back if you feel like taking a walk. There's a pair
of taxidermy boars, this one has a sombrero on. And the bathrooms are totally accepting of your poo. 10 out ft 10 - Butter

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Nomad's, over on the east side, has a great backyard and some teravel books classing up the joint, but we liked the bathroom with its chalk-board-lined walls best. Peep the unicorn pic! We just wish they left chalk out so everyone could doodle as they pooed.

(words & pics - butter)


Big ass mens bathroom. 2 Urinals and 1 BIG ass shitter. Not bad. Seemed pretty clean. POO AWAY!!


Wonderful bathroom yet was a little dirty. Dont they have people to take out the trash? Privacy is great unless somebody else has to take a shit then you have them knocking at the door.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Peacock Lounge

The Peacock Lounge is a lovely old-school bar with aqua walls, crystal chandeliers in the shape of luscious pineapples, and a white-belt dress code/beardo hipster contingent. Hipster-haters, stay home. Tolerant drunks, enjoy the ladies lounge with metallic wallpaper and a peacock-adorned outer door.

(words and pics - butter)


Lovely family place. Bathrooms are in the trailers. Didn't poo here but it looks safe and clean enough.

Barton Springs Saloon

Barton Springs Saloon has a pretty cool ladies' room, with a charming wooden wall which may or may not have been made of palettes. Either way, this is a great place to poo.

(words & pics - butter)

Frank and Angies

One hell of a pizza joint and good place to poo. Highly recommended

Gingerman Pub

One of my favorite bars in Austin. Tons of beers and also good people watching. good place to drop a turd too if you have to


Nestled in the shadow of the capitol rests the Texas Chili Parlor, a charming, rustic, honky-tonk with killer chili, nachos, and anything you like to drink. This is a cool, ancient bar, and we love to drink in the main room. BUT - here in Texas, you can bet our BUTS are bigger - the bathrooms in the T C P are a serial killer's wet dream. Creepy and closed in, but with plenty of angles to hide behind and peep at an unsuspecting user. Junkies, beware: there are no locks on the women's room door, and though there are two stalls, there is zero privacy, because there are no doors: just clear shower curtains. Lots of creepy graffiti spatter the asylum-white walls. I don't even want to pee in there, let alone poo! Oh Texas Chili Parlor, please, fix up your terlets.

(words & pics - butter)