Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hi my name is judy I would like to submit my review of Bennu coffee shop. Off e.19th st and mlk to your poo blog. I am a big fan and would be so honored. I am emailing photos as well. Perhaps you can make them brighter with some image enhancing software? Thank you and many farts to you... here it is -

I walked into bennu at 11pm on a Sunday. The place was packed. The inside and out was full of students on their laptops taking life and homework way too seriously. The smell of over achievers, coffee beans and adderoll was in the air. I love coffee because it helps release the poo. So I down 2 cups of their dark roast with a teaspoon of honey and wait for business as usual. I walk into the pristine bathroom complete with "intelletual grafiti" ok it wasn't graff it was an ornate chalkboard with plenty of colorful chalk to let students and teachers interact in the lou. Let it be known to you college kids and cheapos, they leave a few spare rolls of t.p in the bathroom which is handy if you like to steal toilet paper like me! The bathroom at bennu is 24 hrs of pristine privacy. A classy bathroom with all the essentials. Though the coffee shop it self is kind of lame. The product is good but the crowd is studying constantly giving it the enviornment of a study hall and not of a relaxing cafe. The lights are actually dimmer in the bathroom than they are in the shop! So my tip, talk your mug and a magazine to bennu's crapper. Its really the best seat in the house!

-Jude the Dude