Sunday, July 27, 2008


Not a place to shit. But the door seems to work and it's really dark in there. 5 out of 10?


This bathroom was very nice and clean. Might have to say 10 out of 10. Loved this sinks.

Rick's Cabaret! (Ladies)

We went to Rick's Cabaret only to see Little Tina, midget stripper. The gentlemanly sports-bar vibe of the place isn't our favorite, but Little Tina was the bomb. And check out the expensive-looking bathrooms! The women's room has these fabulous sinks where the water flows over your hands like a swish of a hair extension across your face. The slate floors and lovely wood walls are gorgeous, but look at how a carelessly placed roll of t.p. and some paper on the floor can ruin everything! We are glad we got to take pics here, since if we tried to take them in the main room we would have gotten karate-chopped across the parking lot.
7 out of 10 (would be higher but being in Rick's knocks off 3 points) - Butter

Sunday, July 20, 2008


looking really really nice! please read all signs

(pics - butter)


the Jackalope ladies' room is pretty great, stocked with four terlets, two sinks, two paper towel holders, soap. But try the stall all the way to the right as you face the sinks. There's a scent mister thing stuck on the wall there that puffs a blast of perfume 23598459824 times a minute, or at least often enough that you really notice it. Thank you?
8 out of 10

(pics & words - butter)


Lovejoy's has two very private and roomy asexual (whatever) individual toilets (perfect for up to five...people!) that are functional, but battered. Like, where's the lid on the tank? And the toilet paper dispenser is broken. Gross! The lock works perfectly, so poo freely. We like the Medusa head.
4 out of 10

(pics & words - butter)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008



check it.

Mr. Natural

Mr Naturals bathroom was fine. There is graffiti on the mirror and wall, so it feels like an Austin bathroom. You have to get a key from the rack outside the bathroom and not forget it on your way out. 6 out of 10

(pics & words - derx)


Rockin Tomato's bathroom is the type of bathroom more places need. There is a stall for poopin. Not the cleanest in town, but you get privacy while others are peeing, and there was a copy of the Onion in there for reading. 4 out of 10

(pics & words - derx)

G&S Lounge

G&S Lounge has great mirrors to make you feel like the room goes on forever. No lock, No stall, and never looks clean-bad shape. 3 out of 10

(pics & words - derx)

Dog Almighty

Dog Almighty has great hot dogs and recently fixed the lock on their bathroom door. Although they didn't have a lock for a while they did make note of it on the door. With the lock back, a clean bathroom, and an attempt at graffiti it is a classic Austin bathroom. 6 out of 10.

(pics & words - derx)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

EMO's (Mens)

this take the cake. best bathroom in Austin!!

I did not venture in here past the doorway, but the stench was palpable, and unbearable. How do you dudes use a trough? Is there even a toilet to poo in in this place? No wait, don't tell me. I don't want to know.
1 out of 10. - Butter

(pic 2 by butter)


holy shit is all I can say. If you gotta poo go somewhere else. almost as bad as Emo's.


One of my favorite bars. Bartenders make cheap stiff drinks. But I wouldn't take a dump here if you paid me

SCOOT INN (Ladies)

pretty sweet place

In an awesomely dumpy tin shack, past the band, behind a teeny door with an almost illegible sign lies...surprisingly nice bathrooms, which are probably new(ish) and not beat to shit (yet). Heh.
7 out of 10 - butter

(pics 2 & 3 by butter)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

MOHAWK (Girls)

hell yes!! I remember using their bathrooms to shit at SXSW. oh man.. Good Times

The downstairs toilet at Mohawk feel schizophrenic. There's the two
over there, then two over here. Bad feng shui, we think, but plenty of
options to poo inn. Also the sinks have to be shut off just right or
else the water will keep flowing - and a lot of Mohawk patrons seem to
have trouble with this. LADIES. Turn the freaking water off. For total
privacy, try the toilets upstairs near the green room.
5 out of 10. - butter



view while sitting on toilet

(pics - Butter)

Casino El Camino (Girls)

These small, cramped pair of toilets leave no privacy for pooing.
Anyone waiting can peep over the partition, or even peek through the
door since the hook-and-eye lock leaves a gap. But this is how you
make friends, right? Yeah, no.
4 out of 10 -butter

(pics - Butter)