Saturday, January 31, 2009


Much love for this pub. Bathrooms are classy. I can't remember if there is privacy to take a big dump. I wanna say there is. Anyone?


Good place to poo. You got some privacy with a big fucking wooden door. Nothing to special about this bathroom.


Best Dive Bar '08 - voted by I have been a few times and love this place. Smoke em if you got em. Cheap strong drinks. Friendly people. Great Crowd. Can't say enough nice things about this place except the only shitty thing is that you can't take a dump if you have to as there is no privacy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The Shangri-La, a new bar owned by the Beerland people over on E. 6th St., has one of the loveliest backyard patios we've ever laid eyes on, a really fun basement bar, and it's own trademark scent for the hand soap in the loo! We couldn't be more pleased with Shangri-La's ladies' room, which is pretty much a perfect place to poo with its working lock, total privacy, and pleasant aroma!

10 out of 10 stars - butter

Gene's New Orleans Style Poboys and Deli

Poo blog stopped in Gene's for a hot poboy lunch and had to wait for
my dining partner, leaving ample time to check out the loo. We kind of love their bathrooms, which like Gene's decor, looks to be in progress and perpetually evolving. On the day we stopped in, bits of smashed yellow tile rested on the back of the toilet tank. Call it a free-range mosaic. Also dig the tin walls.

7 out of 10 stars - Butter