Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Nomad's, over on the east side, has a great backyard and some teravel books classing up the joint, but we liked the bathroom with its chalk-board-lined walls best. Peep the unicorn pic! We just wish they left chalk out so everyone could doodle as they pooed.

(words & pics - butter)


Big ass mens bathroom. 2 Urinals and 1 BIG ass shitter. Not bad. Seemed pretty clean. POO AWAY!!


Wonderful bathroom yet was a little dirty. Dont they have people to take out the trash? Privacy is great unless somebody else has to take a shit then you have them knocking at the door.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Peacock Lounge

The Peacock Lounge is a lovely old-school bar with aqua walls, crystal chandeliers in the shape of luscious pineapples, and a white-belt dress code/beardo hipster contingent. Hipster-haters, stay home. Tolerant drunks, enjoy the ladies lounge with metallic wallpaper and a peacock-adorned outer door.

(words and pics - butter)


Lovely family place. Bathrooms are in the trailers. Didn't poo here but it looks safe and clean enough.

Barton Springs Saloon

Barton Springs Saloon has a pretty cool ladies' room, with a charming wooden wall which may or may not have been made of palettes. Either way, this is a great place to poo.

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Frank and Angies

One hell of a pizza joint and good place to poo. Highly recommended

Gingerman Pub

One of my favorite bars in Austin. Tons of beers and also good people watching. good place to drop a turd too if you have to


Nestled in the shadow of the capitol rests the Texas Chili Parlor, a charming, rustic, honky-tonk with killer chili, nachos, and anything you like to drink. This is a cool, ancient bar, and we love to drink in the main room. BUT - here in Texas, you can bet our BUTS are bigger - the bathrooms in the T C P are a serial killer's wet dream. Creepy and closed in, but with plenty of angles to hide behind and peep at an unsuspecting user. Junkies, beware: there are no locks on the women's room door, and though there are two stalls, there is zero privacy, because there are no doors: just clear shower curtains. Lots of creepy graffiti spatter the asylum-white walls. I don't even want to pee in there, let alone poo! Oh Texas Chili Parlor, please, fix up your terlets.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The Barton Springs Mall is surprisingly elegant, filled with plants, leather chairs, and its shockingly genteel bathrooms. Except for winding down and around long hallways - never good if you're in a rush - this is a perfect place to poo. And amazingly, this poo blog contributor got caught taking pics by a soccer mom with shopping bags! And they thought it was funny! Bathrooms really are important. Austin gets this.
9 out of 10 stars

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Trudy's (North)

MOMO's (dude's)