Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hoboken Pie

Hoboken Pie
We love the brand spanking new Hoboken Pie, right near all the best shitty rock clubs downtown with awesome, delicious pizza. They even have soy and rice cheese if you're vegan. And what awesome bathrooms! So clean and private. I can't think of a better place to poo than this. Don't you love how they hook the key to a pizza pan? Heaven.
10 out of 10 (words & pics - butter)


This lovable, dorky goth club (with one of the best 80s nights in Austin!) has surprisingly awesome bathrooms. Elysium took the pains to hang a huge light-up sign blaring "WOMEN", painted rad medieval art on the stall doors, and check out the purple paint - looks like spongework! So goth, so cool, so efficient - we'd poo here anytime.
8 out of 10 (pics & words - butter)