Thursday, July 30, 2009

Silhouette Sushiya

In the shadow of the Capitol building is Silhouette Sushiya, a totally cool sushi, cocktail and karaoke bar. We love it for lunch, the art on the walls, and the extended happy hours during which we feel like such grown-ups as we get smashed. And man, is the ladies' bathroom ever sweet! They are as sophisticated as the rest of the place, and even elegant with the honkin' chandeliers and glass bowl sink that reminds us of the one we used at Rick's Cabaret . In another life, we would have been tempted to stuff the awesome, organic hand soap resting on the dark wooden cabinet into our handbag . But those days are over and we plan to return to Silhouette soon, so we just washed up with the free-range lovely suds, took these pics and left.


So, what else is there to do in College Station than to gig 'em and attend fire school trade shows? Well, Dixie Chicken is pretty popular. Its rustic-looking facade, one million taxidermied deer heads, and olde-timey amusinge signs on the walls make Red Lobster look like a five-star yuppie joint. People line up, order their food, then drink beer and play dominoes while they wait.

The ladies' room in Dixie Chicken is something of a horrorshow where crazy tin signs take on a twisted, awful new meaning. No antibacterial soap nor hot water is enough to remove the overwhelming feeling of ickiness this rest room provokes. We were digging the vibe in the Dixie Chicken until we visited the ladies', and maybe, just maybe, a bunch of beers wold help us see it differently. Maybe.

POO BLOG ON TOUR!! College Station, TX

College Station is just 110 miles from the ATX, but man is it ever Aggie-ful and large-animal-hospital-y and rustic and Texan college-town in a way we kind of enjoyed. Our intention was to visit Disaster City, a massive, 32-acre training facility for fire fighters complete with scenarios like "FLAMING OIL WELL" and "COLLAPSED MINI-MALL," but we found something even better - a full-sized, porcelain toilet housed in a fire truck!! Can you believe this?

This real toilet was custom-built into a fire truck for Riverside FD.
We were floored at the ingenuity. God knows the people that run into burning buildings to save lives deserve every comfort and necessity available right by their sides - and if it wasn't available before, it is now! Way to go, Riverside FD. We salute you, and your can!