Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Fun Fun Fart Fest @ Waterloo Park. The Porti Potties were actually very clean at the start of the fest. Once it got dark toilets were overflowing and dudes (and even chics) were peeing in the grass. Enjoy the pics. - Matt

Deep Eddy Cabaret

God this place is a little drop of heaven. A lovely, old-school joint
with $2 beers, and refreshing proximity to Deep Eddy Pool. Rock and
roll and soul is on the jukebox. Be cool. And the terlets are a dream.
My fave detail is the coin slot on the door - remember coin-operated
toilets? No? Get out of here. - Butter

Blue Dahila

This middle easter restaurant is so nice. Great hummus plate, amazing deserts, good wine selection, and the waitress even took something off our bill. And check out the bathroom! I love the little pebbles in the sink. It's like washing your hands in a rock garden! - Butter

The Good Knight

this great new restaur-bar on W. 6th St has killer meatloaf, elegant
deserts, Hendricks' Gin, and the elegance to pour their mixers from
bottles rather than a soda gun. And what a lovely ladies' room. The
streaky blue-ness of it doesn't really show up as much if you aren't
operating a flash, we love the paint job. - Butter

Giddy Ups

Giddy Ups is a rad honky tonk way out in southwest Austin - almost
near Manchaca - with live music, pool, shuffle board, and a nice big
soccer field out back if you feel like taking a walk. There's a pair
of taxidermy boars, this one has a sombrero on. And the bathrooms are totally accepting of your poo. 10 out ft 10 - Butter