Thursday, February 26, 2009


The poo blog goes ON TOUR to the often grim, slightly dangerous, but not uncharming Atlantic City, New Jersey.

We love A.C. for the gaming, drinking, and its boardwalk, rife with feral cats, novelty gifts and hawkers inviting you to learn more about vacation timeshares. We can't go to A.C. and not visit the Ripley's Believe it or Not! museum of oddities and curios - mostly creative taxidermy and torture implements from the German and Spanish empires. We were midway through the tour when a museum staffer urged us to check out the bathrooms. At first we were all, "Is the poo blog *this* well-known?" Then we realized that the can at Ripley's is like everything else in the place - an opportunity for a gag. We loved the farting noises running continuously, and the bulls-eyes on the urinals are a nice touch. We only wish Ripley's ultimate bathroom gag - a door marked "-MENS" which opens part-way to reveal an anamatronic male figure peeing as a tape plays, "HEY! CLOSE THE DOOR!" was easily photographed. Either way - Ripley's museum and loos should be on every poo blog fan's master list of destination terlets. - Butter

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