Sunday, April 5, 2009

Poo Blog on Tour! Michelle's house

We here at the poo blog are lucky to have friends who get us. Our pals get us sofa king much that when they buy sweet houses, they let us take pictures of their amazing 1970's bathrooms and share them with you, dear poo blog fans.

Michelle's house, deep in South Philadelphia, came with dark, faux-wood paneling, linoleum on the kitchen walls (wall-noleum?), and this awesome bathroom. The sink and counter top were there when she moved in. She found the shower curtain, and painted the walls blue.

Her roommate is an awesome thrift shopper, and found this holiday-themed toilet seat cozy at a nearby thrift store. We at the poo blog love it so much we have few words, just misty eyes and full hearts. - Butter

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