Monday, November 9, 2009

The Four Seasons Hotel, Austin

Hey, we take our job at the poo blog very seriously. Even the fanciest party at a world-class hotel is not free from our scrutiny. We will penetrate and photograph all of kinds of bathrooms, be they encrusted in marble and gold plate or fecal matter and hair. We are just that dedicated! So imagine the sheer glee in visiting the restrooms at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, a swanky yet still warm and friendly place (if you're not scaaared of its opulence) with truly bangin' bathrooms.

Witness the marble, the sheen, the almost cloth-but-still-disposable hand towels, and the best part: the toilet paper is folded to a point and then dabbed with a gold sticker to maintain its freshness and purity. We are agog. Well played, Four Seasons. Well played.

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