Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Liberty Bar

We love cheap shitty dive bars as much if not more than the next person, and true to form, the Liberty Bar is a drunk's dream come true: Two vodka sodas and a Lone Star cost just $8.50 when we visited. Even though this joint is brand-new, it's pretty clear the owners spent more time curating the graffiti art and packing down the dirt in the bocce ball court than fixing up the bathrooms. The ladies' is a tactical disaster: swinging doors made of plywood, even when carved in a charming, Western saloon style, do not work. They neither open nor will they properly close. This means instant bonding , as every single woman attempting to use said loo will utter a "What the hell" which will be echoed by an "I KNOW, RIGHT!!" Also, the mirrors are in a disastrous state. Warning us that they're about to collapse is not quite good enough when someone is bleeding. The men's room has a trough - so old school. Yet another great bar with a shitty bathroom. Home at last.

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